Cohesion Conversation Revolutionizes the Way Non Profits Connect

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Apr 17, 2014 12:24:00 PM

In the competitive space of non-profit funding, your organization needs credibility and results to secure donors and continue your mission. Responding quickly to contacts—with accurate and consistent messaging, understanding your constituent base at deeper levels, and arming your team with a technical solution that drives revenue, can make the difference you are looking for in your bottom line in 2014. Cohesion partners with non profits to create positive change with
Tapping into her resources and network at Salesforce, her experience as a 501(c)3 Manager, and a belief in using technology to build our communities, Cohesion Salesforce Lead, Jennifer Alvis, hosts a custom live demo (per request) to show you the power of using 1 cloud based platform to run your business. 
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Topics: salesforce and non profits Eliminates Technical Chaos for Consultants

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Apr 10, 2014 12:21:00 PM


Consulting is synonymous with a stacked calendar of high priorities, complex problems requiring sophisticated solutions, and a drive to push the envelope further for the client. One way to free your consultants to do their best thinking is to eliminate TIME SUCKERS (that's the technical term) requiring their attention— tasks like:

  • locating accurate client account information
  • integrating new team members into a project
  • logging time and tracking expenses
  • tracking performance against goals
  • reporting metrics
  • generating schedules and tasks aggregates disparate systems that currently make up a majority of small to large business technical infrastructure at the expense of user productivity, business continuity, and ROI. When an organization migrates to 1 platform to deliver business critical software, applications, and services, consultants reap direct benefit of time delivered back into their real day and the business benefits from dramatic cost savings because of the cloud delivery channel.

Salesforce1 becomes a strategic technical asset to empower consulting teams to new levels of creativity, teamwork, and operational efficiency.


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Cohesion Agile Bootcamp Connects Training to ROI

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Apr 4, 2014 10:00:00 AM



People require three ingredients to learn new skills: environment, motivation, and resources. The Cohesion Agile Bootcamp recently picked up a brand new swagger. If you provide the internal motivation, then Cohesion is bringing the Agile Coach and a kicking learning environment to your corporate campus.

The Cohesion Agile Bootcamp is based on interactive discussion, activity, and collaboration. We reinvented how we train Agile fundamentals by re-imagining the way students learn Agile and we built a class we would want to take and recommend to friends.


Every activity produces value beyond the classroom. Students use their real account projects as source material, we integrate videos and relevant resources, and we dialed up the pace to deliver a high energy, high impact experience. Graduates walk away with enough experience to be an Agile team member in their environment. If you're looking for a strong connection between training and ROI, you can see it in the way people are performing their jobs after this bootcamp. 


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The Downside to Collaboration and How to Avoid It

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Apr 1, 2014 10:46:00 AM


Collaboration has a down-side? Sure, and some of the biggest companies in the world have experienced it.

There are two classic failures when it comes to collaboration; under-collaboration and over-collaboration.

Under-collaboration is an obvious risk, given the huge benefits and payoff on innovation and knowledge sharing.

  • 54% of employees find their best ideas by working through concepts with colleagues (Harvard Business Review)
  • there is a 25% increase in efficiency when social collaboration tools are used in the workplace (McKinsey)
  • 97% of businesses, using social collaborative tools, serve more clients with higher efficiency (ICE3)

Over-collaboration is just as detrimental to the bottom line. Take BP for example– the oil magnate emphasized collaboration so much, that it negatively impacted decision making and accountability, "... increasingly, we found that people were flying around the world and simply sharing ideas without always having a strong focus on the bottom line." said CIO John Leggate.

The lesson here is that people will always find good reasons to talk to each other and share ideas, but translating that into good business requires more. Tools like Cohesion Enterprise Agile, and technologies like, provide the structure to foster healthy collaboration. Results from collaboration are inspected, measured, and put into action quickly. Using the right tools and methods will empower your team and prevent the pitfall of overly-consensus driven groups who are slow to produce, lack control, and make poor decisions (we were just wondering who owned the decision for the ATM shown above).

Getting collaboration Right, Hansesn and Ibarra (HBR) | image by,


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3 Misconceptions About Nonprofit Companies

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Mar 23, 2014 10:05:50 PM

nonprofit benefits from the technical innovation of 

 Social media, a more connected world, accessible information, and a mobile workforce have impacted the business processes and culture of nonprofit organizations. Here are the top three myths we have busted through our partnerships with nonprofit clients:

MYTH: nonprofits lack innovation.
  • FACT: nonprofits tend to operate with lower numbers of resources than for-profit teams. This resource challenge creates pressure that can be healthy, to figure out better ways to get things done. 
MYTH: nonprofits are not progressive 
  • FACT: nonprofits are regulated; to meet compliance, establish protocol, and maintain standards. Mature organizations leverage effective ways to navigate the bureaucracy and run teams that are used to meeting deadlines, managing large amounts of data, and providing information regularly to meet those compliance requests. This can be a great advantage when implementing technical solutions.
MYTH: nonprofits are slow adopters of new technology
  • FACT: teams usually consists of contributors who value the work on a personal and professional level. Given new tools that help improve efficiency, people are eager to learn and integrate those tools to add more horsepower to their individual efforts.



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